General Questions

EXPFund is a well structured platform where members have access to different opportunities and services but most importantly generate funds for their basic needs, projects, businesses, e.t.c.

It is also a platform where members voluntarily donate money in exchange for more donations to come and this is done in a member-to-member fashion (peer-to-peer) so that money does not go into a central account

When you become an activated member, you will have access to develop your network of like minded individuals in order to achieve your targeted goals. For more details, check HOW IT WORKS
EXPFund is open to every Nigerian. What you need is an active bank account and the willingness to receive donations from other members.
You either join EXPFund through a referral who will provide you with his/her unique referral link or you join through the administrator by clicking on the REGISTER button.
Nigerian naira is the only currency currently used for all transactions at EXPFund. If we are going to introduce any other currency later on, we will definitely notify our members
The fact that no admin handles any of the funds transfered among members makes this a safe and scam free way to make money. All donations are voluntary, so no one feels compelled to make a donation to anyone, but if you do not, you probably will not earn as well as those who do. Thus
  • No chance of being scammed
  • Easy and low cost start-up
  • No pressures
  • The company is sustained with the N500 contribution fee users pay after registration
  • Only one currency is accepted (Nigerian Naira)
Yes you can have more than one account provided you use different usernames and phone numbers and as well manage them properly in order to achieve your goals.
All contributions happen between members and it is up to such members to reach an agreement among themselves if they are to refund or not.
You will need to find your own two referrals and if interested in reaching your goal quicker, bring in more referrals who will form your extra network, provided they do not exceed 50 individuals. Thus, each member is free to introduce not more than 52 individuals into the network at Stage1.
Once you have introduced 52 individuals at stage1, your referral link becomes deactivated. Thus you will not be able to introduce new individuals using your referral link. We therefore advise that you enrol again by registering and opening a new with EXPFund or you transfer them to your downlines.
You only need to bring in referrals at your stage1 and the good news is that after filling your two direct referrals space, you are allowed to earn more money at stage1 while you migrate to stage two by introducing not more than 50 referrals who will form your extra network and hence enhance your growth from the second stage to the last stage. Thus, your downlines at stage 2,3,4,5 are assigned automatically. But these downlines are from your network.
Your direct referrals are the first two individuals that joined your network.
Your extra referrals are the individuals that joined your network other than your direct referrals. These extra referrals are not to exceed 50 individuals
Each member has Direct network and extra network. Direct network composes of all your referrals (direct and indirect) and your referrers (direct and indirect) up to level 5 LEARN MORE

Extra network on the other hand composes of all your extra referrals who are not to exceed 50 individuals

Your downlines are members from your network to pay you at stage 2,3,4,5
Your sponsor at stage 2,3,4,5 is the first qualified member from your direct network to register for that stage awaiting payment
We do not consider EXPFund a ponzi scheme. In a ponzi scheme, investors make payment to the individual/company who found the scheme and are promised high rate of returns. Older investors are paid with money collected from new investors in a ponzi scheme. Whereas with EXPFund, money goes from member to member and not into the system. The amount of money you make is proportional to the work you put in
In a pyramid scheme, only the people at the top of the pyramid make mor money than those beneath them. But with EXPFund, everyone can make same amount of money by doing same amount of work. Thus, some members can even make more money than their referrer depending on the amount of work they invested. This is why EXPFund is a fair and sustainable platform.
No, EXPFund can not be a scam. The reason is, there is no admin handling funds and you alone determine the rate at which you grow. The only way you could lose money is by not promoting your link and not getting your two direct referrals.
Once you click on start ExpFunding, you are being introduced into your referrer's network and will be given 24 hours to make payment to the details of your referrer which will appear on your dashboard. Once this payment has been confirmed, you have six (6) full months to upgrade to the next level. Thus six months is the period within which a member must upgrade to a new level.
It is important to note the following before upgrading to any level.
  1. You should have introduced your two direct referrals and received the accurate amount for stage 1 from each of them before upgrading to stage 2
  2. You should have received the accurate amount from your assigned downline in stage 2,3,4 before upgrading. These downlines who are from your network are automatically assigned to you at stage 2,3,4,5. Check our HOW IT WORKS for further details
The N500 is a one time registration contribution for each individual made to the company for the maintenance of the platform.
The contribution of N500 is made once during the registration process of each individual. Hence, each individual makes the contribution for each registration.
Simply pay the amount of N500 in the account details provided after your registration.
It is advisable to only pay to the referrer/sponsor whose details appear on your dashboard at each stage for rcord purposes.
Once you complete your registration form and make the contribution of N500 o the account details specified, you are expected to upload proof of payment. Once your submission is successful, you will receive an activation code in the mobile phone number you provided during your registration as soon as your payment has been confirmed. After that, login with your details to fully activate your account
Your account will be activated within 48hours from the time of upload of proof of payment